If you have ever visited Germany or lived here, you may know that much of the tradition is steeped in what some might term the occult. However, we Americans have similar traditions, which we likely brought over with us from Europe.  During the spring time of the year, you will notice all of these town wells, mostly in small villages, decorated with eggs and rabbits.

So it was that my wife became curious about them and of all people, just whom do you think she asked. Yep; she asked the Host Nation Teacher in the school where she works the reason for all the fuss. 

It would seem that for some reason folks get the idea that water is pretty much the staff of life here on this old earth. It would further seem that spring time is the time of year when life is being born or being renewed each year.  So it ensues that the decorating of the wells with eggs, which represent life or fertility and rabbits which we all know are extremely prolific--represents the abundant life.

When we were an agrarian society,  the renewing of life had more meaning to us.  It was important that the rains came at just the right time and the sun shined just the right number of days so that our crops would grow and could be harvested.  Different regions of the world took up different customs to--in their minds--help promote the full growth of coming crops so that the societies would have plenty to eat.  We now call this superstition.

While some of the traditions may still exist, many have lost their traditional meanings.  So, now if you are ever riding around Germany on your bike in the spring time of the year, and you see decorated wells, you'll know the reason.






Spring wells pictures for Easter 2006: