SCHOOL YEAR 2006-2007



FALL SPORTS: August 21, 2006 *


*a. Coaches must have signed their extra-curricular coaching contract

prior to the starting date (August 21, 2006) to establish liability coverage. *Note: If a coach is accompanying players to the European Football camp, they must have signed their contract prior to their departure for the camp.


*b. Football Policy:

        21-23 August: Helmets & Shoulder Pads No Contact

        24 August and beyond: All equipment w/ contact at the discretion of the coach

        Limited Scrimmage Day: September 2, 2006 (Maximum 2 teams with heavy on-field coach involvement).

        Jamboree Day September 9, 2006

NOTE: Teams are only authorized to participate in one scrimmage per weekend. You cannot participate in a scrimmage on Friday and then again on Saturday.

DEAD WEEK: November 5 - November 12, 2006


WINTER SPORTS: November 13, 2006


DEAD WEEK: February 25-March 4, 2007


SPRING SPORTS: March 5, 2007





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