I truly do have a day job. Nolan took this picture of his PaPa at my desk in my classroom here in Germany.

From the Editor's Desk:

 Each issue brings with it challenges and rewards that transcends the mere making of money.  We, at 'Bent Miles have a love for biking, camaraderie, and writing.  We love to ride where we've never before ridden.  Revisiting old routes excites and revitalizes our zest for writing.  With us, the experience of the event itself is not complete until the writing has been accomplished.  We sincerely hope that our publication brings joy to those who ride, would like to ride, and those who love to read about riding.  The pictures of new places are just as much a part of the publication as are the words.  The pictures help anchor memories that may otherwise reside in our thoughts only as a faint waft, a tantalizing odor of a long forgotten aroma.  The picture can be the catalyst that brings those images gushing to the forefront of our memories, memories we want to savor long after the event itself has passed.

Please help us realize our desire to tantalize and excite you with words and pictures.  Email us with your comments about what you would most like for the staff at 'Bent Miles to provide for you.  Help us to make this truly the reader's publication.  From all of us at 'Bent Miles, we wish you the best and hope you get out and ride. Write us; let us know about your experiences on the trail. If you want, allow us to share your writings with our readers.

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Archie L. Tucker

Archie L. Tucker

Publisher and Editor of

'Bent Miles an Online Bike Touring Magazine