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Nolan's Game Page


Hello. My name is Nolan. I have a lot of games. I also know where you can find games on the net.  The purpose of my site is to help you, my readers, find fun games to play. I have posted several links on my site. I hope you come back often to play the ones that you enjoy.




The picture to the right is called Sly 2.  Sly is a   Master Thief. He steals from the bad guys, and helps the cops put them in jail.  He and his friends, Murray, and Bentley are good guys.


Here's a picture of Murray's binocucom showing three jobs. The Contessa works here and is controlling Carmilita. 


Here in Toontown, Huckleflip (which is my user) is trying to rust a Telemarketer Sellbot with a Squirt Gag.