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This site is dedicated to promoting good health through nutritional information.  The very first recommendation is for all our readers to purchase and read "The China Study" by Dr. Colin T.Campbell at .We don't make a cent on this book or anything else on this site.  When we recommend something it is because as a cancer survivor, we truly believe in the items.

I've often said, "One thing I've learned from watching the students in the cafeteria is, human beings will eat anything".  For those of you who don't remember, there was a time when most all Americans ate real food.  We ate the plants grown in our very own gardens.  The meals were all cooked in our kitchens at home.  Then came the '50's and TV dinners, drive in diners and car hops, heart attacks, cancer, and diabetes. These epidemics followed the fat and simple carbohydrate time bombs wherever they appeared around the world.

Now we have children at 10 years old with plaque in their arteries.  Ten years ago only people over forty ever tested positive for Type II diabetes.  Now, we have children as young as 10 years old with it. Thirty percent of our adults are obese and our children are following right along behind us.  Just how important are our diets to our bodies?  Well, if you stick something into your mouth six or more times a day, it has to have an impact.  Depending on what you choose to stick in there, determines if it is a positive or negative impact.

We hope you will join with us, right here on 'Bentmiles, to explore just how much your health is impacted by what you choose put into your mouth.  Please feel free to peruse all the links on this site for  health enhancing information.

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