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Stem Cell Research and spinal cord repair.

Will Modern Medicine be able to regenerate spinal cord injuries so the victims will be able to walk again?

How would you like to eat as much of anything you want and still avoid old age?  Read it here.

The health risks of secondhand smoke.

Do you or someone you know suffer from ADHD, depression, or a psychotic disorder?  Read how close scientists are to identifying the genes responsible for producing the chemical responsible for the proper functioning of this part of the brain, Serotonin. Brain Serotonin Enzyme Finding Might Explain Psychiatric Disorders

Jefferson Neuroscientists Uncover Novel Receptor In The Human Eye To Control Body's Biological Clock

Jefferson And Brigham And Women’s Researchers Find Blue Light Important For Setting Biological Clock

Had an infection lately? Could it be that infections during our lives instigate the build up of amyloidal plaques that eventually lead to that dreaded disease, Alzheimer? According to studies at Washington University School Of Medicine, the same fibers that are responsible for the formation of Alzheimer plaque is produced by E. Coli Bacteria. Read the full story here.


Have you ever wondered what happens to all of that recalled meat and poultry we hear about? Would you believe that only half of recalled meat and poultry is ever recovered? Read the story here


Is your doctor always jumping onto you about your high Cholesterol level? Have the medical folks put you on strong medications that can eventually lead to muscle and liver damage just to get your cholesterol down?  How about eating orange and tangerine peels? Read the story here.

Read the latest on Mad Cows' Disease here. It would seem that the more cows that are tested the more cases of this disease are found. Why then does the US who slaughters 36,853,000 cows a year only test 20,453? This is just a disgusting 5.5%. Why????




Archie L. Tucker

Archie L. Tucker


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