'Bent Miles Bike Tours


Whether you like watching the barges as you bike along the river or looking at castles, you can do it all while riding through sunny vineyards here in Bavaria, Germany.




If you plan to be in the Bavarian area, let us know in advance, and we can discuss putting together a bike tour of our local area.

If you have your own bike, the guided tour will cost you $100.00 a day for one person.  For two or three the cost will be $50.00 per person.  Four or more bikers will bring the per person charge down to $25.00 per day. This is only for the guided tour.  Transportation and lodging depends on location and time of year..


For those of you who are not into planning, but can't afford or do not want a guide, we recommend you contact us and allow us to purchase maps for you as well as reserve your accommodations.  You may contact us at publisher@bentmiles.com If you are biking anywhere in Germany, we will lay out your route for you.  If you would like for us to pick you up at the airport and deliver you to your start point, the fee will depend on the miles and time involved.  We will beat the fee of anyone else if you can show us their advertised offering, or we won't take the job.  If all you want are maps and for us to lay out the route, we will do so for $35.00 plus mailing and cost of maps that you may want in addition to our computer printout.  For an example of a short route from our computer software, click on the picture below.  The itinerary will give you the names of the towns in sequence and the distance between them;  it also lists the name of the trails and their connections.  Our example is of the Main River biking route.  It will also show you where camping sites are located.  If you would like, we can include the phone numbers of camping sites as well as youth hostiles. The map, just below the itinerary, lists the towns and the direction of travel with North always being at the top.

Just remember, good planning is a part of good biking.