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Biking maps of Germany

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The Host With The Most

September 2009  Volume 7    Issue 8

What makes a hero? What does the press know?

Did I hear you right? You called me raciest because I don't like Obama?

"Read My Lips; it is the Middle Class, Stupid"


Maps 1--4 are now loading properly.  The PDF files are 6.44 mb files so, depending on your connection speed, they may take a while to load. They take one minute each on my laptop.

Over the years 'Bent Miles has attempted to share with you the many wonderful trips we've enjoyed while biking here in Europe.  We have done bike reviews and even shared some routes with you. For years, you have been provided links at the right of this page to sites where you can plan your rides along already established biking routes.


In this issue, you will note a new link on the left called "Biking maps of Germany".  If you click on this link, you will be provided maps that I've collected over the years while riding here in Germany. Visit it frequently, as I will attempt to add from my free collection as time permits. You will also, note the address of where you can write, here in Obberpfalz area to inquire about "FREE" biking information of this area.  Most areas in Germany provide such sites and addresses. You may also write to tourist-information@weiden-oberpfalz.de for more information and or request free maps of this area.  I wrote them in English and received a very nice reply in English with my free maps. Or, you may call at 0049-961-4808-252.  If you are calling from inside Germany drop the 0049 and dial 09614808252.  If you are interested in taking a guided tour of Weiden, they start mid-April and continue through mid-October. Start time is 10:00 hours.


If you want to write by snail mail, please find the address below.  If you wish to visit their office, their hours of operation are included as well.




Dr.-Pflerer-Strasse 17

92637 Weiden i. d. OPf.

FAX: 09614808-251

Office hours:  Monday--Friday 0800--1600


If you are interested in getting a map of an even larger part of this area you may write tourist information of Bayreuth at this email address: E-Mail: Poststelle@stadt.bayreuth.de  their website is http://www.bayreuth.de/english/tourist_information_357.html


Due to irregularities when scanning and folding and scanning and folding some more to get maps to fit, it may be that your will prefer to use the addresses provided here to get some of these free maps as original copies.


Now, for this issue's ride: We have done so many, where do I start?  We have another planned right after church today; decisions, decisions, decisions, will someone please make one.


As you know, on most of our rides I take copious pictures.  Since my desktop messes up my pictures upon download, I've learned to download to my laptop then resize them and transfer, via thumb drive, to the desktop of my desktop computer.  So, now I'll go there in search of some nice ones to refresh my memory with regards to some tall tails to tell.



I don't quite know from where to start.  I've done so many rides, both with Nolan and by myself about which have not yet been written. So, we will start with Nolan's and my ride from Erbendorf to Neusorg.  I think you are going to enjoy this ride, because there are some truly phenomenal photos included. Since this ride took place I've forgotten many of the particulars. The date on the pictures indicate it took place on June 17, 2009.  I have a feeling that is not correct, because my bike ride to Regensburg is dated the 18th.  I suppose this is what happens when one has a faulty memory and fails to keep written records. Not only do I not remember the date, I've also forgotten many of the particulars and will have to rely on the pictures as reminders.  On some of our previous auto rides in this area, I had spied a nice paved bike trail and purposed in my heart to one day ride it.  And, this was that day.


Arriving in Erbendorf just before noon, we stopped in a local grocery store and purchased a verity of healthy raw plant foods along with healthy multi whole-grain bread, much of which was eagerly devoured in the parking lot of said store with some of the remainder being placed in my day box and the rest in the truck to be taken home.

After a fabulously healthy meal, it was off to find a place to offload our bikes. Finding this place, it was, once again, time to do some pre-ride bike checks. These checks consisted of, shaking the day box--to insure it was secure--zeroing the computer, and trying out the brakes and gears.  While these checks are fast and easy, they are necessary to insure Dolores doesn't leave us before we find out we have an inoperable bike. 

The creek along which we would be riding for some that day's ride.Well, at least, we know the reflector works.Nolan's quality assurance bike check sign.Local shopers, beware--here she comes.The trail of gears

Right after this turn, Nolan threw his chain.Me the bike mechanic??What about my contract with the mechanics' union?Nolan waiting for me to re-mount after fixing his chain.Well, I just had to take some pictures before getting back on.Now, finally, we are on our way.

While preparing to write this, I asked nolan to look at the first picture in this series and tell me where we were headed.  I couldn't remember our destination. Immediately replied Neusorg.

Scout, Nolan; marking the trail.Road, not taken.

And, no one steals their wood. I don't know which I'm going to miss the most about Germany, the law and order or biking trails.

I passed Nolan going up the incline so I could get a picture of him coming onto the bridge, PUSHING HIS BIKE. Heee....heee...eeee.This incline is why Nolan was pushing his bike. Now, these little inclines no longer bother him. He is quite the biker.My little buddy had an accident that resulted in only minor enjuries.

I do remember that we rode past this shopping center and encountered a huge hill.  About half way up, we called Dolores and told her to pick us up in the shopping center parking lot.

Once we had established where Dolores was to pick us up, it was just a matter of relaxing with some pastry and replenishing the liquids in our bodies.


The sun was shining, the company could not have been better and the bikes were in good working order.  All was good in the biking land of 'Bent Miles.







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