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Kira's Cycling Expedition for Charities.

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We have added more pictures at the bottom since posting this issue.

 May 2006        Volume 4               Issue 9

April 2, 2006

Dolores sent Nolan in to wake me and tell me it was a beautiful day outside, and whether or not I wanted to do a ride.  She suggested that I continue the ride from where she picked me up in Flousheim to Bengin.

By the time we got around and I had a bowl of cornflakes, it was getting close to 0900.  We got the truck loaded; then I had to look for maps.  I tried running a route off on my computer program but none of the towns seemed to be in the program.  So it was, that I went without a printout.

We had decided to skip church because of the promise of a sunshine day.  But it was not too long before the clouds came and the rain started intermittently.  Then the rain stopped.  We arrived in Florsheim only to realize it was Eddersheim where she had picked me up.  Arriving in Eddersheim, I offloaded Tweety, flagged her and got an extra bottle of water.  Dolores sacked some fruit and bread, and I was off by 11:15. 

The initial trail was asphalt and ran through the outskirts of town.  It was not long before the route led me upon a dike. The wind was ferocious.  I had worn only a light jacket with no rain gear at all.  We had anticipated a sunshine day.  However, the pumping did help kept me warm.

As I pedaled along the levy, I noticed what initially appeared to be one of those four-wheeled cycle carts that you rent in resort areas.  I wondered where and what the resort was.  Then I realized that my older age had combined with these glasses that don’t always work right,  so that I had mistaken a recumbent and an upright bike traveling together with trailer and baby seat for the four-wheeled cart.  The road they were traveling was parallel to the levy.  I came to the intersection of where they would enter R3, the bike path I was on, and I stopped.  I backed up and realized there was someone behind and to the left of me.  A fellow on a mountain bike inquired about my trike.  When he saw that I was interested in the recumbent bike with baby trailer, he moved on.  I snapped some pictures of the bike and trailer and continued my ride.

Just ahead the route took a sharp turn to the left and then right along and next to the Main River.  When I got to a wide spot, I turned and saw the recumbent bike coming. I waited and then struck up a conversation.  I told him he could visit our site and pulled ahead to let him read it on the back of my day box.  I then slowed to my comfortable five miles per hour pace and he pulled away.  Then his wife with a second child in a baby seat passed.

I was in no hurry.  I run in our school gym a couple of days a week and lift three days a week.  When it comes to biking, I do it for the sheer pleasure, why tire myself needlessly?  I may not be in shape, and I ain’t going to get there if it takes a lot of effort.  If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a bit lazy.

It was not long before I saw the recumbent pull over at a playground.  “I know what they are doing”, I thought.  I sometimes travel with an eight-year-old.  I pulled in behind them and asked if I could take some pictures to post on ‘Bent Miles.  Once done, I bid them a good day and was off for new and exciting experiences.

 After I left the levy, it was obvious that the path had been flooded.  I snapped a few pictures of the water up close to the path and the debris that had been left from the flood.  Then I started shifting up and gaining speed.  I rounded a bend and, “Oh shoot!” I braked and came to a stop.  There it was; the path was flooded: and being only four or five inches off the ground, I could just see that seat wetting time could be in the making.

I watched as a lady with a dog approached the flooded area. The dog appeared to have fallen into the edge of the river.  I thought that odd.  Animals don’t usually fall into water.  Then came a girl on a bike.  I watched as she crossed.  The water never got up to her rims.  Ok, here I go.  Then the water flowed into the path from the river.  “Oh, so that is what happened to the dog, I surmised.   By this time I was committed to crossing.  The water got deeper.  It came up past my rims.  Then it got up to the hill of my shoes.  Then it started receding once more.

Soon the trial was once again on a levy like path with the wind cutting into me like a sharp razor.  Most of the time it had been into my face causing a drastic drain on my energy.  Now, however, it was a crosswind.  Still it was cold but manageable as long as I continued to pump.  But, I was getting hungrier and hungrier as I pedaled.  Passing several benches, I was determined to stop and snack on whatever Dolores had put into the bag for me.  She had fed me a sandwich on the way up and I could just taste another turkey and cheese on multigrain bread.

Finally, I stopped and opened my day box.  Looking inside and fully expecting to find a couple of sandwiches with the fruit I knew she had packed, instead I found two-multigrain rolls with no meat and no cheese.  Oh well, I took one roll and one apple and had a scrumptious meal.

Seeing the sign to Mainz—Kastel, I called Dolores and told her I was about 2.9 km from her.  She was still shopping and had no intentions of being interrupted.  All along the trip when it started to rain, I’d pray that the Lord would  hold it off until I had competed my trip and was back in the Dakota.  When I arrived in Kastel, I stopped at the train station and called her again.  I had pulled under the passenger cover from the light sprinkle.  She gave me directions to the post, but there still was no offer to come get her poor, tired, and hungry man in out of the rain.  I got clarifications from a Turkish man sweeping the sidewalk and took off to meet my unsympathetic spouse of 37 years.  I pedaled on. It started sprinkling a little more.  Trying to cross three lanes, all of which seemed to all of a sudden fill with cars who also were not sympathetic to my mother’s son.

Just as I got to the gate of Kastel, Dolores called concerned that she should meet me at the gate because it was raining.  Now, that was more like it.  But, I told her I’d find her.  She later told me that she had not realized it was raining when I called from the train station.  That, again, made me feel better.  She did still love me.  By the time I arrived at the Dakota, I had put over 16 miles on the computer and had already traveled two miles before I reset it.  So, actually I had traveled 18 miles, and was hungry.  Dolores had a soda, bread, and KFC chicken ready for me when I arrived at about 1400.

All in all, it was an ok ride.  However, I don’t like leaving on a ride with such little forethought. I plan to have the route all laid out next time I try completing the part between Mainz and Bingen.

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Springtime in Wuerzburg if it is not raining or snowing or overcast.




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