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March 2008        Volume 6     Issue 6


Nolan's and My Bike Ride to Kitzengen:


By:  Archie L. Tucker                                               My Two Cents March Supplement

Publisher 'Bent Miles Bike Touring Magazine            My Two Cents for March



On February 18, 2008, Nolan decided he wanted to go on a bike ride in a small area near Kitzengen where we had visited once before.  When we finally found the place, we pulled into a wooded area to unload "Tweety" and Nolan's bike.  So far--at this point, Granny has no bike.  However, we are about to rectify that.  Just stay tuned to see the most awesome bike on Planet Earth.  It should be here before next issue.



I looked at the water on my trike; it was frozen.  Owing to the fact that it had also had the seal broken for several days or weeks, I asked Nolan to take it off and replace it with a new bottle.  As soon as the boys were unloaded and Granny had loaned me her gloves, I have a dozen pair where I don't need them, in a warm house, she pulled away to do her thing; shopping.


After getting my coat zipped, the camera adjusted, and seated on my trike, I noticed there was no water bottle in the cage between my legs.  Good old Nolan's ADHD had struck once again.  When I asked him about it, he was quite quick to tell me I would not be drinking from his bottle.  I knew I had an even older partial bottle in the day box.  But, I did use this as a teaching experience; I politely informed him that I had all the money, and when I got ready for a soda or ice cream or food, he could buy his; and I'd buy mine.


 Riding on up the trail, I was pointedly reminded how the youth of Germany has changed over the years.  There was a time when graffiti and property destruction was almost unheard of.  However, both have gotten worse in the past few years.  As you can see in one of the above pictures, someone had overturned the portable toilet along the stream.  The human waste and chemicals in the toilet has two places to go.  Into the ground water and or into the stream.


The initial path was sealed pavement; however, it was not log before this turned into dirt and rock.  But, pedaling went quite smoothly with Nolan out ahead most of the time.  He is quite a bit faster on his two wheels than I am on my three.  However, I've given him due warning that I have every intention of dusting his pants when I get my new awesome mystery bike.  I hope to have it before Easter Break.  In one of the pictures below, you can see where Nolan's two wheels and speed contributed to him biting the dust.


As you can see from the pictures, the weather was still on the chilled side, though--as is usually the case--it warmed with the passing of the hours and the turning of the pedals.  Passing a local play ground, Nolan was ready to dismount and have some fun of another kind.  The only other occupants of the play ground were two mothers with babies in baby carriages and a toddler.  Nolan passed some of the time with the toddler filling a sand container; after which, Nolan would raise it to the above ground platform and empty it and start the routine all over again.  I still find it comfortably surprising as to the attention the Germans pay to their children and the building of very nice play grounds for them.  There is almost always at least one in every community or sub community, no mater how small the community.




This ride was rather short in miles as well as time.  We had agreed to meet Granny at specific shopping center.  Upon approaching the shopping center, I initially had a difficult time spotting the Dakota; but, soon I had it in my sites and we rolled up behind it, dropped the tailgate, like Walker, Texas Ranger, and piled the two steeds into the bed.  Whereupon, I called Dolores and arranged to meet her inside. Upon entering the building Nolan, of course, wanted a wurst and bun.  He took one bite and managed to drop half of the wurst onto the floor.


Once Granny was done shopping, it was back home and me on the internet looking at that awesome bike I will soon have in my stable.





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