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June 2009  Volume 7    Supplemental Issue


Ride to Grafenwohr With The Girls May, 2009



Archie L. Tucker



Dolores and I decided that we would throw in the towel and retire the year I turn 62.  For those of you who would like to send gifts, that is December 31, 2009.  (The birthday is still coming on schedule.  However, since the economy dip, retirement is up in the air. It is currently on hold. I thought I had corrected that statement before I posted this issue.) So, in one of my emails to Jennifer, one of her nieces, I mentioned that if she and her mother were intending to come back to Europe and visit us, it would have to be the summer of 2009.  So, as good luck would have it, little sister was also interested in coming back one last time.


So, it was that we came to have visitors to pick up at the Nurnburg Train Station at the end of April.  Having this awesome senseless of direction, I blindly followed my Navigon matron until she proudly announced that we had reached our destination while still under a viaduct.  After driving aimlessly for sometime, we did find the train station.  Just as I parked, I received a call from Jennifer announcing that they were just pulling into the railroad yard.  The wonders of cell phones.  For those of you who have never experienced days without them, they can be a blessing and a curse just as email is.  In this instance they were a blessing.


Upon arriving home Jennifer announced she would go with me to pick up the two Trek bikes I had bought for the girls to ride while they were visiting.  Now, these are a matched man's and woman's bikes and they are truly in remarkable condition.  Even with my bad back and neck and joints, I've ridden them a short ways.  They are awesome.  Jennifer slept going and coming.  When we arrived with the bikes, Michelle decided she would accompany me to the bike shop to get them inspected and new tires put on.

Had to have broken pedal replaced and installed three new tires.  Brakes and gears were adjusted as well.Michell and Nolan at the start of our first day's trip.

I made arrangements to pick up the bikes on Saturday so we would be able to get as much riding in as we could before they had to return to Hawaii and Calif..  The weather cooperated and was great for biking.  That Saturday, Jennifer changed her mind about biking and Michelle, Nolan, and I biked from home to downtown Graf..  The route was through country roads and beautiful green fields sprinkled with wild flowers.

Now, you see why I love it here?Bike trails in this area are marked with green on white signs.

Nolan's gears started acting up on him.

We stoped at the local gas station to get junk food and sodas.Some folks just don't know how to ride comfortably.The city park where granny came and picked up the two young sloths.


Nolan's gears started to act up and we had to call Dolores to come and get him and Michelle.  I, the 61 year-old, once again, rode home alone.  Then, of course, we had to take our family out to our favorite restaurant in Weiden.  It is called Hua Hin Thai Restaurant.  It is located at Moosburger Str. 22.  Tell them I sent you.  It won't get you any better food, because it is always the best we've ever eaten.  It won't get you any better service because they always provide that.  But, it may give them insensitive to stay open so we can keep going back.  Hee,hee,heeee....


On our second day's bike ride, Jennifer decided she would ride; and, of course, Nolan's bike was in the shop for gears.



We had several days visitation before they had to return to the States.  I've still got the two Treks.  I took the girl's bike to the shop just the other day to have an even wider and softer seat installed along with new, more upright handlebars, lights, and mirror and computer.  Since they are such good little bikes, I hope that Dolores will ride occasionally and when she is not, that Nolan will ride it.  It is still a little big for him; but, without the bar he can mount and dismount with some reservations on his part.  However, the difference in the quality of the bike and the ride as compared to his cheap bike, is such that a long ride should prove much more appealing.









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