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Iraqi Soldiers Contribute to Hurricane Katrina

What is the best incentive for rebuilding Katrina wastelands?

Kira's Cycling Expedition for Charities.

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Stop the Hurricane of Bickering:

by:  Archie L. Tucker

September10, 2005

You will likely get a better understanding of the below article after reading the link to Mr. Tracinski's article.

 With all the "jumping on the bandwagon to help the poor and helpless" in New Orleans, it took great nerve for Mr.Tracinski to write the truth.  I know he and others who see this disaster as being preventable but not the fault of the federal government, risk being viewed as calloused and even, yes, that dreaded title "RACIST".  Read what the London Letter says about our critics in Europe.

 The truth is the Mayor who, it would appear was elected because of his ethnic background instead of his qualifications, had absolutely no plan for command and control should any disaster happen.   It would further appear that he was holdup in a room on the upper floor of a hotel with no backup generators or radios for communications just waiting for someone to do something, waiting for someone to come and bail him out. True leaders donít wait to be bailed out.  They get-to-bailing and others follow.  Any new second lieutenant knows that without communications there is no command and control.  And, where there is a lack of command and control, fertile breeding grounds for chaos are rampant.

  His, idea of a hero was someone he witnessed cursing to get the job done.  Not, to take any credit from General Honore, but at the time the mayor made the statement, he had nothing to base his comment on but hearing the general cuss and the fact that the general was from the mayorís same ethnic makeup.  Putting someone in charge because of a similar ethnicity is not smart if that is all that is considered.  The mayor is living proof of this.

 It would further appear that General Honore was also selected, in part, because of his ethnicity.  However, there is one great difference between the mayor and the general.  The general seems to be imminently qualified for the job.  See the difference in the federal and local government?  The feds put someone in who can get the job done; the locals failed in this respect; or, there would not have been a four day wait to see ďwhat is someone going to do for usĒ scenario.

 I can understand that this would be the attitude in a welfare state.  Welfare states do nothing to promote self-reliance, self-efficiency, and positive self-image. They do, however, promote faultfinding, finger pointing, and blame.

 I say this was preventable because it was predictable.  It would seem one of the major differences between liberals and concretives is that liberals wonder why someone in the state or federal government didnít go down and do the job for which the mayor was elected, and has since been proven to be too incompetent to perform.  Conservatives, on the other hand, after finding out the mayor is too incompetent to perform the duties for which he was elected move in and get the job done.   The president had no idea that the elected officials were too incompetent to function properly.

 Since when does the federal government just usurp the state governments authority and responsibility to survey the scene and take action to bring relief?  The governor and her office have the first line responsibility to bring relief following the cities inability to cope with a disaster.  Why else do states have the National Guard?  One publication spoke about it taking four days to get help to New Orleans when tsunami victims in Thailand received help in two days.  The last count I had, the president has greater discretion over foreign policy than over domestic policy.  He is accustomed to the State Governors and city mayors doing their part; then if federal assistance is requested it is considered.

 It would appear the State Governor knows more about the major cities in her state than the president does or should.  I suppose that is why she ordered the National Guard to regain civil control over the criminal elements that were shooting at police, and rescue helicopters by issuing ďshoot to killĒ orders.

 Could the feds have responded quicker?  Absolutely.  But, letís not allow the liberal presses to confuse the issues here.

  • Who has the first echelon responsibility to plan for local disasters?
    • Local government
  • Who has second echelon responsibility to plan for and react to first echelon request for assistance?
    • The state government
  • Who has third echelon responsibility to respond to request for assistance?
    • The federal government
  • Who went in and did what the others could not?
    • The federal government

 In a city whose location is under sea level, why were there no city and county patrol boats for the police and rescue workers to use?  You would think there would be a small fleet for evacuation rehearsals.  Oh yea, they were waiting for the president to come down and do that. How come there was no marine type vehicle set up for command and control with radios, and satcom equipment so the mayor or appointed officials could direct operations until reinforcements came?  Again, I suppose they were just waiting for someone else to do it for them.  UPDATE!  Last night's news showed the streets of New Orleans.  One of the comments made was that they wished they would lessen the number of armed solders patrolling and send in the clean-up crews.  Just another example of folks who have, all their lives, waited for others to get things started.  This is the same attitude the Mayor demonstrated.  One of the folks interviewed even said the Mayor had no idea what he was doing.

 If National Geographic writer Joel K. Bourne, Jr. could predict the almost exact same scenario a year in advance, why was the city and State not better prepared?  Other articles have appeared in other publications predicting a similar outcome.

 Did the local government do even a fraction of what they should have?  NO! They did not.   Does the Mayorís staff or anyone in the county know where you can go on the Internet to get Doppler on demand?  I donít even live in an area where this is important to me; but I know.

 Computer models after computer models have predicted a disaster.  Experts upon experts agree that something has to be done.  But, experts canít agree as to just exactly what needs to be done.  Iím not an expert; but I can certainly tell you what needs to be done.  Folks need to stop trying to alter nature and allow nature to alter the earth.  It is going to one way or the other anyway. Learn where not to build.  If you do build there, donít blame the government because you made a dumb decision.  When given three days to evacuate, donít be there when the storm hits.  There seemed no shortage of vans and trucks to load looted spoils onto for illicit gain. One article even spoke of traffic jams.  Donít make welfare states; every head of household needs a job.  With better employment comes a better standard of living, hence better transportation for better evacuation.

 Make the developing gurus tell the truth about the areas they are trying to develop for sale.  Educate folks with regards to the flood ways, tornado allies, and other magnet areas for natural disasters.  The government at any level canít be responsible for peopleís ignorance or stupidity.  We have folks who listen to the fellow in a thousand dollar suit who is driving an air-conditioned state of the art gas guzzling luxurious automobile paint them a panoramic picture of the million dollar stilted mountainside hide-a-way that is built on a mud slide.  Do they buy?  Of course they do.  Do they have a clue?  Of course they donít.  Did they make a dumb decision?  Of course they did.  Is the president the blame? Of course he is.  They certainly are not.  They have never been held accountable for there decisions in the past, why start now?

 Do we need to help these folks, not only in New Orleans, but in La, Mississippi and Alabama? Yes. Who should be helping?  The state government, the local churches, local people and the federal government should all be helping.  Should these folks get millions of dollars in restitution the way the survivors of 911 did. NO!  You say: if 911 folks got it, why shouldnít these poor disenfranchised people get millions of dollars?  I say that one mistake does not justify a second.

 There are many of us in the U.S. who work more than one job and even try to get a business started on the side.  We have punched the clock for close to forty years.  We do not mind seeing our HARD earned tax dollars going to a needed cause.  Then there are those who have sucked the system dry who demand to be considered the needed cause. 

 The folks devastated by this horrendous disaster are not just limited to New Orleans.  Some outlying perishes are every bit as needy as New Orleans.  All of these folks need a hand.  We have all been to a place in our lives where we needed help.  If you have not, just squint your eyes; itís-a-coming.

 So what is the answer?  Quit pointing fingers.  Do what the feds are doing. Deal with the mess.  Get it cleaned up.  Provide sustenance to the folks who need it.  Donít bring in outsiders to clean up the mess.  Organize the cities and the counties; put my tax dollars to work providing local folks with jobs cleaning up the mess.  Fire the mayor and elect a former soldier to do what needs to be done.  These former soldiers are often called vets.


 Archie L. Tucker

Vet, working 14-hour days









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