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February 2009 Issue       Volume 7    Issue 3


My Two Thousand Dollar Bike Trip:


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It has been a while since my last writing.  The area of Germany where we live has been very cold, and I've not felt like riding or writing.  Back in November, Dolores talked me into braving the cold.  We left the house at about 0900 on November 28, 2008 and drove to a point that was relatively flat where I unloaded my bike, and embarked upon an adventure.




Did I mention how cold it was?  Well it was cold enough to freeze the enamel on your teeth.  It was cold enough to freeze pee in mid-stream; it was cold enough...actually the pee part was an exaggeration. But, it was cold.  By the time I got on the bike trail it was approaching 1100 hours; and, it took very little exercise in that cold to make me to start feeling hunger pains.  So it was with thoughts of a soon to be had warm meal and coffee that I redundantly cranked each turn of the pedals. 


In order to snap a picture for you, my readers, I placed my glove in between my cold teeth and pulled only to feel a snap and see one of my teeth go flying through the air.  "My gosh!  I can't believe I just broke a tooth!" I thought.  The gloves I was wearing were stretchy and, I assume that when I pulled, my grip was not good and the spring against a very cold tooth, snapped it.  Yeah! I know!  I found it hard to believe, too.  I was still hungry; so, I stopped at a place we had visited only a few weeks before on our recon where I had seen them serve food only to find they were no longer a food service business; they sold windows.  Food service must have been a side business that didn't go well with their window sells. So, after getting directions to the nearest restaurant, on down the road it was.  It was also here that I realized that I had left my wallet in the truck.


I had called Dolores about my wallet before I realized I'd have to find somewhere else to eat and told her to meet me there.  Riding on down the street, I found a supermarket and called Dolores again and told her I'd wait there for her.  When she and Nolan arrived, he and I visited the local park.  I became disenchanted with the idea of getting back on the bike trail and just called it quits.


Three months, four dental visits, and two thousand dollars later, I now have a brand new tooth.  When will I take a real bike ride and write about it?  I don't know.  Right now this place is like a constant refrigerator or deepfreeze.  I'm too tired to face the cold.  I used to look forward to a ride because that meant I'd get to write.  Maybe I'm just not as keen on the riding or the writing as I once was.  Now, the snow blankets the earth; and just when we think it might get warmer, it snows again.  I'll try to include a picture of our current weather to show you it is even colder than when I took the ride.






Where the resturant was a month ago; now, it is a window shop.


This is the weather we are having as I write this article.





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