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Volume 2 Issue 5b        Peter Weiss Recumbent    December 2004

Thanks to our readers, we received 79,888 hits on 'Bent Miles for the month of November.  Thank you,  from the folks at 'Bent Miles. Smiles...

Wuerzburg Christmas Market:

As the time drew near for our Christmas break, I toyed with ideas for a Christmas bike ride that I could share with all of you. I thought about all the routes I had been on and the ones that I had seen in magazines and those included with my biking route program cd.  Of all the routes, the one that stuck out the most was the unfinished route along the Main.  If you recall I rode from my house in Zell to a point about thirty miles down river. At the time it was sooo cold and, of course, I had to take the trip on a Monday when most guesthouses are closed.  If you remember, I had to call Dolores and she picked me up at a store on the top of a hill so it could be easily spotted even in the dark.  The next part of the trip was taken by my biking bud, Michael Ricci, and me from that point to the town of Aschaffenburg.  Then we caught the train back.

When I spoke to Dolores of this, she indicated that we should do a ground recon of the area.  But, that is a different story altogether. This was the trip that would be taken after Christmas day.  What would I do with all those days in between?  Then it occurred to me that I had forwarded a message from work to my home email that dealt with the various Christmas markets around Germany.  It might have helped if I had read the message.

Michael had emailed me before Christmas break and wanted to walk down town Wuerzburg to the Christmas market.  I was still coughing badly with this chronic bronchitis and wanted to wait till the following week.  After a few more phone conversations, Michael and I agreed on a time and day to meet at the BK on post and walk downtown.

I arrived at the BK about 1500; Michael arrived about 1600.  I won't even comment on the fact that Michael lives about 1/4th the distance from the BK as I do.  Well, by 1600 we were enjoying hot coffee, I didn't say good, and great company.  By 1700 we were on our walk.  The evening went great; but of course I had no camera nor my trike.  So, guess who had to do this all over the next evening just for you.

The next evening I departed home just before dark.  By the time I reached Wuerzburg, I had to engage my light generator; and, yes, it was snowing.  I have to once again reiterate what I said on my last cold trip. Man made materials are the way to go in the cold and rain.  The breathable jacket and fleece shirts layered keep you warm and dry.  Once Dolores realized how I liked the fleece shits for my cold day rides, she gave me one a day through Christmas day.  That night I had put on a T-shirt, fleece shirt and fleece vest.  By the time I got downtown, I was ripping at the zipper trying to get my vest off and stored in my day box.

If you want to be the center of attention, just get yourself a recumbent trike and take it out on a cold snowy night.  Everyone smiles and thinks it is just ever so neat.  Or, maybe they were just trying to placate a person whom they considered totally out of his mind.  But, there were plenty of two wheelers out that night as well.  For me, the cold crispness of the night is invigorating.  It is the cold blowing wind that makes the weather uncomfortable for me.  Among the tall buildings and with the crowds about me, I was just as comfortable as couch potato in a recliner.

The major thing that I had to watch out for were the trolley car tracks.  They are just far enough from the sidewalk so that I had to constantly watch the curb for my right tire and the track grove for my left.  Swinging up into the center gave me plenty of room on both sides; but I had to constantly watch for trolley cars from front and rear.

Since, Michael and I had mixed with the crowds in the center of the Christmas market and eaten water chestnuts, as well as dinner the night before.  I, mainly, skirted the crowds and tried to get pictures that included "Tweety Bird" for our readers.  I had just taken my trike to my favorite bike store for a check up and repairs.  But, I've been holding out for a particular light generator I want and have not been able to find.  I think they are called spin-light or maybe spinlite.

After removing my vest and placing it in my day box, I was much more comfortable.  I spent most of my time looking for places to park "Tweety" so I could get a picture of the market in the background without having to actually maneuver in and out of the forest of legs.  After about an hour of this maneuvering, it was time to go back home.

Well, I may not be able to hold out for a spinlite generator; the generator genned its last and gave up the ghost on my snowy ride home.  Below are some pictures of the Wuerzburg Christmas market; enjoy.


Archie L. Tucker

Publisher, 'Bent Miles

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