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December 2008       Volume 7    Issue 3



Holidays Around The World



 Christmas Markets in Germany

By: Nolan Tucker

   Hello, there. If you are reading this, you must be judging my project. I will give a report on the German Christmas Markets.

     German Christmas markets originated during the late middle ages as market places for villagers to exchange goods. It has been said that the oldest Christmas Market is located in Dresden, which opened in 1434. It attracts from 1.5 to 2 million people a year and there are over 60 stalls. However, it is now thought that Dresden isnít really the oldest Christmas Market.   The market located in Bauxten, (in Saxony) was mentioned in history records as early as 1384.

Regardless of which can lay claim to being the oldest, it is great fun to visit any or all of them.  That is why Iíve done most or at least much of your research for you. My grandparents and I have traveled to several over the years and you can find pictures of some at a link I will provide later. 

Here are some locations and times for some Christmas markets.


Open from November 24 to December 24, this market has over 125 stalls that sells various Christmas items.


Open from November 26 to December 31, this is a truly remarkable place with 50 Christmas markets.  Only quality products sold here.


This is one of the most popular markets along the Mosel River.  You may reach it by air, land, or by sailing along the Rhine River until you reach the point where they meet. It is open from November 22 till December 21.

Rothenburg O.d Tauber

Open from November 28 till December 23; this is our familyís favorite Christmas market. You may see some of our pictures at the link under Wuerzburg below.


This is our second favorite because it is in our former hometown.  Open from November 26 till December 23, you can see pictures of both from our siteís past issues at this link. Our siteís pictures

For more Christmas markets and their opening dates all over Europe follow this link.  Christmas markets around Europe

Well, now you have it.  You should have plenty of places to go and things to do over your Christmas break, yes; I said it; Christmas break, not winter break; and I can say it, because Iím a kid and and have been given the right by our courts to say it.

So, when we get back from Christmas break, I donít want to hear any of you say that you didnít have anything to do.












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