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Review of Bike Route Planning CD:  Radwandern in Europa Praktischer Radreisefuhrer auf CD-ROM Rad Aktiv

.About three years ago, a friend of mine told me about a bike route planning CD that he had seen on Amazon.de   It was used and was priced at about DM10.00.  I bought it.  It has served me well for all these years and over three thousand miles that I've traveled.  However, since the German routes are continually being improved, built, and updated, I felt I needed an updated route planner.

While on one of our many cold downtown walks, Michael and I decided to take a look in the Wuerzburg Book Store.  Since I read little, you could say no, German, we went straight to the map section.  I had seen on the Internet that there are German and European routes going very long distances.  I was looking for one in particular, D9.  This route goes from the southern border of Germany all the way to the North Sea.

Of course, one map would not depict the detail that would be needed to actually ride the route.  There would have to be many hours even days spent looking for all the maps as well as the reading and planning.  I inquired about a CD that might have all the routes and was told there was one down in the basement section of the store.

Arriving in the basement, I spoke with a young fellow who spoke almost no English.  However with his little English and my little German, we established that I could not return the CD once the seal had been broken.  Understanding the amount of piracy that goes on each year, I agreed.  However, he could not tell me how many routes were contained on the CD, just the countries that were covered. 

Being used to my current  ANDRadRoute Deutschland which has 257 routes, and allows me to put together a route of my own between any number of the cities that are located in the databank, plus allowing me to check for routes at any given distance in 360 degrees of my location, plus spits out routes located in any of the districts in Germany, you can imagine my disappointment when I found the pitiful 30 total routes over seven different countries contained in Radwandern in Europa Praaktischer Radreisefuhrerauf CD-Rom Rad Aktiv.  To top that off, none of the maps are printable.  So, what good is that?  Even if they were, they are not detailed enough for planning any type of ride.  So, what is our recommendation?  Keep your twenty euro and spend it on packaged maps that you can find for six or seven euro each in several discount stores in Germany such as Norma.  One of my packages contains 15 maps that allows me to plan rides all across southern Germany.  Another package has 15 maps detailed enough to allow me to ride across northern parts of Germany.

All of these prepackaged maps I've seen are made of low quality paper such as recycled paper; but, properly protected could give you miles of service.  If you don't mind spending the money, I'm seeing more and more maps made of material that resist tears and are waterproof.

Needless to say, I contacted the company, knowing the bookstore would not refund my money, asking that they take the CD back and refund my money.  I'll let you know what they say if and when I get a reply.

For those of you who are not into planning, but can't afford or do not want a guide, we recommend you contact us and allow us to purchase maps for you as well as reserve your accommodations.  You may contact us at publisher@bentmiles.com If you are biking anywhere in Germany, we will lay out your route for you.  If you would like for us to pick you up at the airport and deliver you to your start point, the fee will depend on the miles and time involved.  We will beat the fee of anyone else if you can show us their advertised offering, or we won't take the job.  If all you want are maps and for us to lay out the route, we will do so for $35.00 plus mailing and cost of maps that you want in addition to our computer printout.  For an example of a short route, click on the picture below.  The itinerary will give you the names of the towns in sequence and the distance between them;  it also lists the name of the trails and their connections.  Our example is of the Main River biking route.  It will also show you where camping sites are located.  If you would like, we can include the phone numbers of camping sites as well as youth hostiles. The map, just below the itinerary, lists the towns and the direction of travel with North always being at the top.

Just remember, good planning is a part of good biking.









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