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May, June 2010  Volume 7    Issue 11


Spring break, they now have it after Easter, couldn't come soon enough for my students, my family, and me.  Now, if the weather would just cooperate, we had one week totally off to do as we wanted.  One thing about vacations during the school year, you have a little money still coming in; so, you can do a few things with the time you have on your hands.  So, it was that we were looking  forward to the week off, with a weekend on both sides, as well as expectations and some apprehension, about the weather. 


The weather seems to enter more into my planning than times in the past. However, as the old saying goes, if you wait till the weather is right, you will never do anything here in Germany.  So it was that, Nolan and I looked forward to a good ride.  I had consulted my maps as well as the internet.  My valued and trusted biking CD no longer worked because of, the piece of garbage Vista, and now the CD, itself, seemed to be damaged in that it no longer worked on Nolan's XP. 


Being the devoted wife and "Girl Friday" that she is, Dolores agreed to go with us and reconnoiter the route, that I had ridden once before, to Regensburg.  Returning home we agreed that we might do the ride the following day.  However, noting that there was a 30% chance of rain, I decided to not do it; maybe.  Next morning found the light invading my sleeping space and, with no work the next day, I was up packing for the trip.  The plan was for Dolores to take us to Weiden.  We had initially decided on a hotel in Schwandorf to the tune of about 100 dollars for the night to include breakfast.  Then we had decided on a free camping spot in Schwandorf right along the bike trail.


Well, in route, the real deal started to formulate.  I did not like part of the initial route along a secondary highway because my favorite little friend would be biking with me.  So, it was decided that Dolores would let us out at Nabburg.  We would then ride the 30 miles into Kallmunz right on the Nab River. 


So it was that we had potatoes and toast for breakfast and started out.  Just before reaching Weiden, the bottom fell out and reminded me that I had not packed Nolan any rain gear.  So, it was back to Schwarzenbach for the rain gear. I had already remembered that, while I had packed spare biking pants in my bag, I had not remembered to put on a pair for the day's ride.  The afterthought was, since we would not be spending the night on the road, I'd take that pair out of my bag and change along the way somewhere. Now, I could change when I picked up Nolan's rain gear.  Don't you just love it when a plan starts to come-together, even if it is during the execution phase? By the time we arrived into Weiden, the second time, it was lunch time.  If you know me, you know that breakfast and lunch can run together, and if possible I might even work in supper.  So, being the hungry travelers we were, Dolores reminded me of an Italian place that I had commented (every time we passed it) about one day stopping to eat.  So, why not now?  I ask you; just how could I argue with such logic? Similar to the old spiritual, "Why not now?"  And if there is anything any more spiritual than eating, it is reserved for the spirit and not the body.  Yum...yum...move over diners; here we come.


Packing for the trip.  There is one thing about waterproof panniers; when they get water in them, it does not drain. So, we pack everything we don't want wet, into plastic zip-lock bags.  Then burp them so they are nice and flat for the packing. Then we place the zip-locks into large zipper bags that pillows and bedding come in.


Well, now that did hit the spot. Nolan had a veggie pizza, Dolores had a regular, and I had spaghetti with tomato sauce. Then it was on to Nabburg where I pulled into a fishing spot that we had reconnoitered the day before and unloaded the bikes.  Now this is living. We have 30 miles of great biking trails and good rain gear. How could you ask for more?  Well now, just let me jump ahead. Yesterday, April 14, 2010 we reconnoitered our next long distance bike ride from the Czech border.  I took over 100 pictures which, even though it was not a "bike trip" I'll try to remember to share with you in one of our upcoming issues. This ride collected over 200 pictures.  Oh my...my..which ones will I have to cull? Now back to our glorious bike ride.  If you plan to make this ride, note that we saw no biking signs as we entered the little town of Sullen. You will do well to take the sign to Brensdorf. 


What weather. We had rain, sun, and sleet all at the same time. These little ice balls you see here on my bike seat, were on the truck as well.


It was 12:55 by the time we got on the bike trail and granny pulled away in the Dakota. Now, we are on our own.As we came into the little town of Stullin, we saw no bike signs. However, I did remember from my previous trip and yesterday's recon, to turn in the direction of Brensdorf.

In Schwarzenfield, there are several turns.  They are well marked but, because there are so many, you could easily miss one.  However, with Reconnoiter champion Nolan out front, we missed none and headed on to the small dorf of DeiselKuhn.

This is the first biking sign we saw since arriving in Stullen.  So, it may be there were signs somewhere.  But, the locals I spoke to on last summer's trip did not know of any other route.  It looks like route comes in from the other side of this bridge and intersects with the road we were on.So, the bottom of this sign establishes that we did miss the actual route.  But, we likely cut off a mile or two in doing so.


In the little village of Schwandorf, I saw the biking sign but thought it was pointing straight.  Nolan zipped passed me and hollered I was going the wrong way as he made the correct turn. Now, we were in the town where we had originally planned to take a room then planned on free camping and now we were scheduled to just pass through without even stopping.  See how plans can change?

I missread this sign and thought we were supposed to go straight.  Nolan zipped past and hollered that I was going the wrong way.After Nolan made the correct turn. Pa Pa followed.Free camping where we had planned to throw our tent. It is right on the trail and the river. There is a dinner right there as well just in case you are in this area and want to rest.


Our next town was Wiefelsdorf.  There is a very nice restaurant there that I've stopped at three times now. It serves the best vegetable plate in this world. I've never had spinach that tastes so good.  They must have something very unhealthy in it.


Nolan, pointing at a rowing crew he wanted me to take a picture of.We are about to negotiate a couple of reall hills.


Go straight here in the direction of See. You are now within about three miles of Kallmunz.Keep going to Eich, right along the river.

Arriving in Kallmunz at about 1630, Nolan and I rode on through the narrow streets to take pictures and then came back to the bike trail and continued on back to be picked up in the small town of Zaar so Dolores would not have to negotiate the narrow streets.  Here we went down to the youth hostile and found some bushes to relieve our bladders and waited.  After Dolores told us she was nearing our location, we rode up to the road where she pulled over near a farmer's yard and we loaded the bikes.  Being the hungry travelers we were, and the fact that we had to go back that way anyway, we headed for the guest house in Wiefelsdorf where I ate the most magnificent spinach I've ever put into my mouth.



All in all it was a great trip. Sunshine would have made it better; but, why complain.  If any of you are interested in doing the trip from Czech  border in June, let us know. We would enjoy the company.  Remember, fast and up hill are both against 'Bent Miles policy and we will not be held responsible if you get ahead of us.  We adhere to strict rules of the road:  No hills, frequent stops at guesthouses to eat and drink coffee/soda/water etc. and any moment can be a Kodak moment even if you have a Sony. If a trip is scheduled for one overnight it is perfectly acceptable to take two.


This is an add-on.  Today, 6 July, we headed to the Czech border to do the 100 mile ride back.  But, we ran into so many detours and got turned around so much that we decided to postpone the trip until next week.  So, if you are interested. Call me.  If you don't have my number, write me at bentmiles. I don't check that mail much because of all the spam.  But, after this posting, I'll try to remember go and clean it out so I can check for your message.


Loved our trip today.  Forgot my helmet, had to return for it.  Remembered my camera, but when i got out to take pictures, i got a message "no memory card".  Don't you jus love the getting older bit?  Well, actually it is not too much different; being ADD was never a plus for a good memory.



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