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April 2010  Volume 7    Issue 10




Our Last Ride Along the Main River:



Archie L. Tucker

Publisher 'Bent Miles


Well, it has been a long and hard winter, the winter of 2009/2010.  Spring of 2010 has brought forth green buds and the struggling blossoms of new flowers here near the former East German border town in the vicinity of Grafenwoehr, Germany.  The desire to write or ride has been dampened by a two feet blanket of perpetual snow.  So, this Spring evening finds the thoughts of previous trips forgotten and never before written about emerging as fledgling as the green buds themselves.


I knew there had been many, what I had considered insignificant, rides that had never found there way onto my keyboard.  However, going through my pictures to find the Main River ride Nolan, Ralph, and I did last summer, I also came across pictures from the ride Nolan and I did along the Sulzbach Rosenburg Radweg.  So it may be that you will enjoy, if not my fledgling memories, some nice pictures of our former home bike trail and one you likely have never before seen.  Just sit back; get yourself a hot cup of Joe and relax, and leave the storytelling to your friends here hat www.bentmileshealth.com.


For those of you who are our regular readers, you know that we have recently had to change our url because of the inefficiency, ineptness and mean spiritedness of our former hosts at gate. COM and as mentioned earlier we have also been a bit "under the weather".  Used to be when I was riding only my trike, I allowed no weather to hinder my rides and my writings.  I rode to write.  Well, here if you are going to ride in the snow, you need either chains or spikes, neither of which have I been willing to install let alone buy.


Back in July, I had an appointment to see my doctor for my six month check up and we made plans to reserve a hotel room near Wuerzburg and use the trip to visit old friends as well as my doctor.  Not remembering my appointment time, I dropped by the hospital to check on it and was ushered into see my doctor who told me I was early but he could get to me.  Finding out that everything was ok, it was down to the local Residance parking lot to meet Ralph and then on the the bike trail.  Remember we considered Wuerzburg home for over ten years and the Main River Radweg is the first bike trail that Tweety had ever ridden.  She is not quite retired or relegated to the garage, but as you know I do have another that I routinely ride.  However, when I want rugged and total dependability under harsh conditions and heavy loads, my Green Speed Trike is the one I feel the most secure with.  I know she will take me there and back with no maintenance problems.  I can not, with equal faith, say that about my "Tour Easy" even though it does get me there much faster.


Now let's put things into perspective and get our priorities straight.  Having just seen the doctor and driving all the way downtown, it was time for lunch.  So, the three of us, Nolan, Ralph, and I stopped at a local Turk Imbess.  Nolan and I ordered a vegetable donor kabob and Ralph, the meet eater, had a normal.  Having filled our stomachs, we dawned our helmets and gloves and were on our way out of town, down to the bike trail and in route to Himmelstadt.

Sorry I didn't think to take a picture of our donor kabobs and the hole-in-the-wall.  But, I did manage to take a picture of an interesting bike with bags that we passed in our way through town.



Once we had eaten, it was onto the bike trail where once again, Nolan started having problems keeping his feet on the pedals.  Following a near mishap, we pulled over at "Bike World" and bought him new pedals with straps.  Of course we just had to take some pictures of this opportunity to browse this local store.

What is a boy to do without his bike?  Even if it is just for a few moments.


Once we were done in the bike store, it was back to the biking trail where we established that while Nolan's new pedals were ok, the straps were going to have to go.  While it had been threatening to rain all day, any day you get to ride along the Main is a beautiful day.  So it was that we enjoyed beautiful scenery and a good time with an old friend.  Of course it would never do to pass Zell--our old home town-- and not stop at the playground along the river where Nolan has played off and on since he was 2 years old.


Now, I ask you; would you buy insurance from the fellow?Even though it was an overcast day, tell me this is not beauty.

Ralph being the busy retired DoDDS teacher he is, had to part company with us here.  Nolan and I continued along the river to just outside Karlstadt, prying that the rain would hold off until Granny could rescue us in the Dakota.

Here we saw the riders of the bike we had seen in Wuerzburg.

Dolores met us at a parking area near Karlstadt just as it was starting to sprinkle. We loaded the bikes and headed to where we now call home.  Arriving in Weiden, we pointed the Dakota in the direction of our very favorite restaurant and had dinner before going home.


While we have enjoyed many days on the bike trail along the Main while we lived in Zell along the Main, this was likely our last or very close to our last.  If you have ever moved around, you may have learned to understand the saying "you can never go home".  You can here this saying time and again; but, you will not truly understand it until you try to go home. No matter how much you yearn for home, it is never the same when you return; you are not the same when you return.  Home is your memories.







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